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Weave Us Together Rosemary Crow's Musical Journey

Let Your Dreams Show You the Way


Musician and songwriter, Rosemary Crow, believes music comes from deep within the

soul.  One day, a beautiful song, "Speak to me in Holy Silence," came to her while she slept. 

She immediately went to her piano, wrote down the words and music and composed a song for the first time in her life.


As time went by, she composed more and more songs and finally resigned from her job

as Director of Music at Trinity Episocpal Church in order to pursue her new career

as a composer and performer.  People's response to her popular song "Weave" gave

her the opportunity to travel across the country and perform at the General Convention 

of the Episcopal Church, the Democratic Convention Prayer Breakfast and even a maximum

security men's prison.  All this because she was willing to follow where the Spirit led her.


In Crow's new memoir, WEAVE US TOGETHER - MY MUSICAL JOURNEY, she shares

with readers the excitement and inspiration of her creative process.  She also guides

readers through hiring musicians, partnering with a studio, and recording and producing

her albums.  Her musical journey, complete with obstacles and successes brought her

great joy that she hopes to share with others.  She took a nap and woke up with the 

creativity to change her entire life.

     Imagine what you can do. 



Rosemary's new memoir is now available!

Rosemary Crow


Rosemary is a singer, composer, poet and writer who lives in Asheville, NC.  She is the composer of the song Weave and author of Weave Us Together-My Musical Journey.


For  permission to use  the song Weave please email

Rosemary at 

Rosemary Crow Weave
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